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This stunning pendant set showcases 3 beautifully shaped sand hill turquoise cabochons. They are a light mint color with small flecks of green, and a brown matrix. It's meant to be an adaptable peice that can be worn all at once on the included bar necklace, or disassembled to wear each separately.

-The sterling necklace bar necklace is approximately 20 inches long, with a hammered "bar" to support the 3 pendants together. Also included is an 18" sterling silver rolo chain for the times that you'd like to wear a pendant on it's own.

- the leftmost pendant features a simple setting, but hangs from a spinning bail. The back side of the pendant is stamped with a gorgeous pattern that reflects amazingly in the light.

-the middle pendant is hung with 3 different widths of silver, each hammered and highly polished.

-the rightmost stone is in a simple bezel, and hangs at the bottom of a long, thick peice of silver, accented on the left with 3 sparkling white topaz stones.

Sand Hill turquoise pendant set

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